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Fuzhou xingchen pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is located in Fuzhou city of Jiangxi province, which is well known as ‘the Cradle of the Talent’, with a modern factory covering an area of 70,000 square meters in Fuzhou high-tech park, is mainly engaged in the manufacture of antiviral APIs,intermediates and other fine chemical products.


With the tenet of ‘Leading techniques, Quality-oriented, Customer first, Sincere service ’, Xingchen sets up research institutes in Fuzhou and Shanghai. We actively establish the technical cooperation and communication relations with famous universities and scientific research institutes. With the independent R&D and collaborative innovation ability, we continuously develop new technologies, new processes and new products as indigenous intellectual properties. We endeavor to maintain the industry-leading R&D level and constantly strengthen our core competiveness.

Xingchen is a production, R&D and sales in one integrated enterprise with excellent manufacturing equipment, advanced production technologies, professional R&D departments, and talented sales team. Our products are exported to EU, America, Japan, South Korea, and India, and other countries, and can be widely used in various fields, such as pharmacy, chemical engineering, new energy and new materials, etc.

Based on the mature manufacturing technologies and solid technical power, Xingchen adopts modern enterprise management mode and produce environmental friendly. We strive to build main domestic production base of API within five years, and manages to be the industry-leading, domestic high-tech enterprise, keep providing cost-effective products and services to our customers.

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